Central Food Market – Athens

Happy new year everyone! I was in Athens over new year, and visited the Central Food Market on a Saturday morning!  I started my visit in the meat section. It was very clean,… Continue reading

Ulli Vada – South Indian onion and curry leaf fritters

These little morsels are terribly addictive; once you start munching on them it’s hard to stop.  In South India this is a popular teatime snack and roadside venders fry them fresh and sell… Continue reading


  Trifle pudding is an English classic that has many variations. Each and every family has their own unique version with different combinations of ingredients. I like to make a simple one using… Continue reading

Roasted parsnip with spices

    Parsnips are tubers that look like white carrots but taste completely different! This is the time of the year in which parsnips gets sweeter as the weather gets colder and more… Continue reading


  I hope I am not the only one who find it simply impossible to walk away from a crate full of  fresh sweet lemons in the market! I normally aim to pick… Continue reading

Cabbage Rolls with Spiced Minced Lamb

    This is a traditional stuffed cabbage recipe adapted for an Asian palate. You can use any kind of cabbage as long as the leaves are not too stiff! I used Savoy cabbages… Continue reading

Date and Walnut Cake

  An old fashioned cake, which is an all time family favourite of mine. It is extremely simple to make, and goes perfectly with a cup of tea. Date and Walnut Cake  Unsalted… Continue reading

Baby Corn and Carrot Stir-fry with Mustard seeds and Curry leaves

      Baby corn is always a lovely addition when you want to add an extra sweet crunch to salads, noodles or stir-fries. This is a South Indian-style stir-fry which is surprisingly… Continue reading

Olan – Marrows and Cowpeas in Coconut milk

Olan is a Keralan vegetarian dish traditionally made with South Indian ash gourd or golden Indian cucumbers. English marrows work perfectly well in this recipe and they are in prime season during this… Continue reading

Beetroot curry with coconut milk

    Beetroots are in season and this stunning beetroot curry is a family favourite!  It  is a simple home cooked dish and takes less then 30 minutes to make, but just make sure… Continue reading