Marseille market – France

This is the weekly market in Marseille, the oldest and second largest city in Southern France. I visited in the peak of autumn so luscious grapes, pretty artichokes, decadant mushrooms, fresh herbs, chestnuts and… Continue reading


The other day my daughter came back from work all excited, telling me that her colleague was talking highly about a green leaf supplement and when she searched for it, it turned out… Continue reading

Yakki Udon

Can I say that noodles are the Asian form of fast food? I believe so. It is easy to eat, and simple to put together with some vegetables as a nourishing meal. There… Continue reading

Black Sesame Biscuits – A New Favourite

For many years when my children were growing up, the cookie jar in my kitchen cupboard would mostly be filled with sweet cookies. Over the years as they have grown up, their whole… Continue reading

Cherry Tomato and Broccoli Tart with Wholemeal Pastry.

In early spring I planted a couple of tomato plants, anticipating a good handful of ripe red tomatoes at some point. But when I got back from my holiday, there was practically a… Continue reading

Wholemeal Crepe with Blackberry sauce

Berries are the joy of English summers! Even though we can find berries almost all year round in supermarkets, the actual season is very short. There is no doubt that they taste fabulous… Continue reading

Broad Bean Salad – Asian Style

Although the weather is not that promising in England at the moment, summer fruits and vegetables are reaching their prime. Broad beans are at the height of their season, found piled high in… Continue reading

Oslo Food Market Hall – Mathallen

People ask me, why do you visit food markets on a trip? Simple – they differ in every city and village you go to and markets are where you discover the candid life and culture of your destination. Some… Continue reading

Wild Garlic – A Seasonal Delicacy

When tender herbs and wild garlic leaves start to sprout from the ground, I take it as a sight of spring.  Wild garlic is a member of the Allium family which grows wild… Continue reading

Simply Irresistible Lemon and Passion Fruit Bars

There are certain pastries which simply vanish in my household once they are made, and this is certainly one of them! The ingredients are simple and modest; some plain flour, butter, sugar, eggs,… Continue reading