Onion Bhaji

These little morsels are terribly addictive; once you start munching on them it’s hard to stop.  In India this is a popular teatime snack and roadside venders fry them fresh and sell them… Continue reading

Oats Cookies

  I have been making these cookies for years and it always comes out perfect. Brown sugar gives an extra flavour and depth of colour to these cookies. You can add nuts or… Continue reading

Ann Pan

Bread making is one of my serious passions for years. I remember my first bread! It was like a stone…… Now I know what might have gone wrong. Anyway, I think I moved… Continue reading

Chicken Katsu

I first came across  katsu when i first went to Japan.  It was served with a pile of shredded cabbage, wedges of tomatoes, parsley and tonkatsu sauce. It took a while for me… Continue reading


Upumav is a South Indian breakfast dish traditionally made with semolina, which is popularly known as rava in South India. Upuma literally means salt and flour. These days lots of variations are made… Continue reading

Mango Salad with Lime and Chilli Dressing

This is a simple salad recipe using semi ripe mangoes. The inspiration came when I saw a semi-ripe mango sitting in my fruit basket. I decided to whizz it up in a salad,… Continue reading