Carrot and Courgette Salad with Sesame and Soy Dressing.

Sesame oil and sesame seeds are both very important ingredients in my kitchen. The toasted sesame oil is one of my favourite among all oils and it adds a delicious nutty flavour to… Continue reading

White chocolate and pistachio cake

The decadent sweetness of white chocolate and vibrant green colour makes this cake very special. I like to remove the cake from the oven when it is slightly underdone so that the cake… Continue reading

Ruz Bi Halib (Rice with milk)

This Arabic rice pudding is very rich and delicious with the flavour and aroma of Orange blossom water… I first had this dessert from a Lebanese restaurant in london. It was so different… Continue reading

Caramel custard

This is a dessert which I grew up with. My mom made it very often, almost every week and I remember I wasn’t too keen on it for a while. But these days… Continue reading

Red Lentil soup

A very simple and nutritious recipe given to me by an Egyptian friend long time ago. According to her, they usually have this to break fast during ramadan. I have modified the recipe… Continue reading

Roast chicken with garlic and rosemary

This is a dish I came up when I had two baby chickens in the fridge and an overgrown rosemary plant waiting to be used up. Rosemary is one of my favourite Mediterranean… Continue reading

Kerala fish curry with Malabar tamarind

When I was living in Japan I once saw an article regarding a weight loss pill and to my surprise the magic ingredient featured in the article was Malabar tamarind, which in Kerala… Continue reading

Chakka (Jackfruit) Jam

I was in South India last month and when I saw the Jackfruit, I remembered my friend Karen. Some time ago I tried to explain to her what the Jackfruit looks and tastes… Continue reading

Yela appam (Rice bread in banana leaf)

Sorry for the long silence for the past several weeks. I was away on vacation in Kerala, India and I just got back to London . I decided to share my favourite snack… Continue reading

Wholemeal bread with nuts and seeds

This is a delicious bread with all the goodness of whole meal, nuts and seeds. I usually add a nut mixture with walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds (whatever in stock.)… Continue reading