The Rialto Fishmarket, Venice

If you want to have a real feel of Venice and its remarkable seafood, this is the stop. Glistening mountains of fresh fish and seafood ranging from anchovies and inky squid to soft… Continue reading

Rialto Market, Venice

  This was my first stop in Venice, to admire Venitian specialities in the 700 year old Rialto market. The visit has been my long time dream… I was there last week and… Continue reading


Turmeric is one of the vital ingredients for many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, especially in curries. It is said to have originated from South and South East Asia and it used to… Continue reading

Kerala Muringa kai (Drumstick) thoran

Although often a mysterious vegetable in many parts of the world, the drumstick is a common ingredient grown all over Asia and Africa. When I go back to India, it is a common… Continue reading

Apple and Rocket Salad with red onion dressing

    I must admit that it has been quite a while since I made any salads this year. I think the cold and dark weather was putting me off from them. It… Continue reading

Plum cake

This is the best way to use up a bag of plums which are too sour. Yes, I have to admit, that’s why I made this cake the other day; the plums were… Continue reading

Milk jelly with Agar-agar

Milk jelly is a simple vegetarian dessert set with Agar-agar instead of gelatine.   The name Agar-agar is of Malay/ Indonesian  origin which means jelly. When I moved to Japan I realised its called… Continue reading

Kerala Egg and Potato curry with roasted coconut

    Curries are made in different ways all over India. What makes it Keralan is the use of delicious roasted coconuts.  I have to admit Keralan food is all about the coconut.… Continue reading

Pearl barley and bean soup

    I have a tendency to always be cold and chilly during the winter months, and when I am looking for something to warm me up, soup is my perfect companion . I… Continue reading

My Book

Vegetarian- The Taste of South India Sorry to be away for so long. I had to stay away from my kitchen and cooking for some time because of some health isuues. I missed… Continue reading