Singhara-fresh water chestnut

Singhara (shinghada) is something I found recently on my trip to North India. When I first picked it from a roadside vender in Jaipur, I had no idea what they were! I assumed… Continue reading

Damson- The autumn treat.

I found some damsons in a specialty fruit and vegetable store the other day! Damsons are small plums with a very rich flavour, but they are sour and astringent when raw, and therefore… Continue reading

Leek and potato soup

Leeks – One of my favourite vegetables! Even though they are available all year around in England they are at their best from September to March. They are delicate and bursting with flavour… Continue reading

Lettuce and Orange salad with Stilton dressing

      When I meet people who have salads just for the purpose of losing weight I feel a bit sad. I like salads just because of their flavours and textures. This… Continue reading

Strawberry Tart

  It is not summer anymore here in England but strawberries are still available everywhere. They are fragrant, insanely sweet, and their colour is so vibrant that I always end up picking up… Continue reading

Healthy treat- Whole meal cinnamon roll

      Cinnamon is one of the oldest and revered spices in the world and was so highly prized that it was considered more precious than gold. It has been valued by… Continue reading

Stuffed courgette with spiced minced lamb

I am really glad that summer is still in the air here in London, and summer berries and vegetables are still in season. It is my favourite time of the year here when… Continue reading

Calamansi- The queen of limes.

There is no lime that can rival the delicious citrus fragrance of Calamansi. It has the combination of sharp tangy flavour of limes with the sweet fragrance of tangerines.  The fruit is grown… Continue reading

Pumpkin Leaf- a new revelation

  Food is the great attraction when I am back here in Kerala and my favourites are simple, home cooked seasonal vegetarian dishes. Recently I heard from my sister-in-law that tender pumpkin leaves which… Continue reading

Kerala Market – Parakkodu – Adoor

 Simple make shift vegetable market of Parakkodu near Adoor, Kerala – India These photos were taken at a vegetable market that I spotted while driving in Kerala. Big pile of Nellikka or Amala… Continue reading