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Keralan Plum Cake

I remember the olden days when shop-bought Christmas cakes in Kerala looked extremely fancy, with thick white sugar icing, pink piped boarders and flowers, which we children used to look forward to more… Continue reading

Cherry Tomato and Broccoli Tart with Wholemeal Pastry.

In early spring I planted a couple of tomato plants, anticipating a good handful of ripe red tomatoes at some point. But when I got back from my holiday, there was practically a… Continue reading

Wholemeal Crepe with Blackberry sauce

Berries are the joy of English summers! Even though we can find berries almost all year round in supermarkets, the actual season is very short. There is no doubt that they taste fabulous… Continue reading

Simply Irresistible Lemon and Passion Fruit Bars

There are certain pastries which simply vanish in my household once they are made, and this is certainly one of them! The ingredients are simple and modest; some plain flour, butter, sugar, eggs,… Continue reading

Panna Cotta with Caramel Coconut Crisps

Apologies for neglecting this space for a while, it hasn’t been on purpose! I had to go through some health issues and had to stay away from everything I love – my kitchen,… Continue reading

Floating Island

This is a simple yet elegant French dessert which has been always my favourite. The beauty of the dish is that you don’t need any fancy ingredients or equipment to prepare it –… Continue reading

Keralan coconut rolls

Do you think the coconut is regaining its position as a high status food? I believe so! For decades, coconuts were considered unhealthy due its high levels of saturated fat. Recent studies however… Continue reading

Croissant pudding

You can make bread pudding in many different ways using white bread, brown bread and by adding dry fruits and nuts. This is a simple one using plain croissant as the main ingredient.… Continue reading

Poached Pears in Saffron Syrup with Dark Chocolate Sauce

Pears are wonderful when they are ripe, juicy and sweet. But when I am stuck with a batch of green unripe ones I like to slowly poach them in sugar syrup until they… Continue reading


  Trifle pudding is an English classic that has many variations. Each and every family has their own unique version with different combinations of ingredients. I like to make a simple one using… Continue reading