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Keralan Chicken Stew (Ishtoo)

    I was at a British food writers gathering a while ago and the topic of colonial influence on Indian cuisine was raised. There were many opinions and some writers who specialise… Continue reading

Kerala fish curry with Chemmeen puli

    This is not a fancy restaurant-style fish curry, but is a humble Keralan home-style dish using sardines and Bilimbi, or the so-called Chemmeen puli. Traditionally Kudampuli (Malabar tamarind) is used in… Continue reading

Brussels sprout with mustard seeds and curry leaves

I don’t know why most people in England dislike Brussels sprouts! They are a quintessential vegetable for a Christmas feast, and lots of attention is focused on them during the festive season. There… Continue reading

Kerala Karikku Pudding (Coconut Pudding)

In Kerala, coconut is used in every possible form; coconut oil is used, fresh grated coconut and coconut milk is added to curries, vegetables and in sweets and desserts.  It is now considered one… Continue reading

Muttappathiri – Keralan Sweet Egg Bread

  There are some dishes which take me straight back to my childhood and to my grandmother’s traditional Keralan kitchen. As a child I adored following her in her kitchen, admiring her ability… Continue reading

Kerala Prawn Curry with Jackfruit seeds (Chemmeenum chakka kkuru curry).

Jackfruits are grown all around South East Asia and South Asia. Most of the people around the world know jackfruit as a delicious fruit, but traditionally it is used as a vegetable when… Continue reading

Vazhana ada- Kerala rice bread with jackfruit preserve

There was a family emergency and again I am back to Kerala. Here is another Kerala style rice bread recipe, steamed in an aromatic leaf called Vazhana (Edana) with  Jackfruit preserve filling. Vazhana… Continue reading

Kerala fish curry with green mangoes

I am in Kerala for the past two weeks taking care of my father.  Here mango trees are loaded with flowers and green mangoes everywhere. The fish curry with green mangoes is made… Continue reading

Sambar- The south Indian vegetable stew.

If any one asks me which the most popular dish from South India is, without a doubt I would say Sambar. You can get it in any South Indian restaurant, and people make… Continue reading

Kerala Muringa kai (Drumstick) thoran

Although often a mysterious vegetable in many parts of the world, the drumstick is a common ingredient grown all over Asia and Africa. When I go back to India, it is a common… Continue reading