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Hot and humid summer months are mango season in Kerala and mangoes invariably appear in every meal of the day, in various forms. It takes the role of sour tamarind in the curries… Continue reading


Growing up in Kerala, fish was crucial for lunch every single day, and was bought fresh every morning. As a result, I am drawn to fresh fish incessantly and I buy it on… Continue reading

Keralan Plum Cake

I remember the olden days when shop-bought Christmas cakes in Kerala looked extremely fancy, with thick white sugar icing, pink piped boarders and flowers, which we children used to look forward to more… Continue reading


The other day my daughter came back from work all excited, telling me that her colleague was talking highly about a green leaf supplement and when she searched for it, it turned out… Continue reading

Keralan coconut rolls

Do you think the coconut is regaining its position as a high status food? I believe so! For decades, coconuts were considered unhealthy due its high levels of saturated fat. Recent studies however… Continue reading

Green Mango Curry – Keralan style

When it is mango season, green mangoes rule the daily menu in most Keralan homes.  They are used in many ways, made into chutneys, picked, salted, added to curries, (which I have a… Continue reading

Parippu Vada with Channa Dal

Growing up, Parippu vada (Masala vada), as we call it in Kerala, used to be one of the most popular after school snacks.  It is made of Channa dal (Bengal gram) or Kadala… Continue reading

Olan – Marrows and Cowpeas in Coconut milk

Olan is a Keralan vegetarian dish traditionally made with South Indian ash gourd or golden Indian cucumbers. English marrows work perfectly well in this recipe and they are in prime season during this… Continue reading

Beetroot curry with coconut milk

    Beetroots are in season and this stunning beetroot curry is a family favourite!  It  is a simple home cooked dish and takes less then 30 minutes to make, but just make sure… Continue reading

Pineapple Pudding

Wishing all a happy Eid ul Fitr. Growing up, Eid was always a day of big celebration in the family and we children used to wait for new clothes, pocket money from our… Continue reading