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Ozoni – Japanese New Year Soup

I went to Hiroshima as a young bride three decades ago, and soon met Mr Uno in Hiroshima, founder of a group preserving old Japanese traditions, culture  and customs. Funnily enough I met him… Continue reading

Yakki Udon

Can I say that noodles are the Asian form of fast food? I believe so. It is easy to eat, and simple to put together with some vegetables as a nourishing meal. There… Continue reading

Green Tea Noodle Soup – Cha Soba

Don’t you think that hot soup noodles are the perfect answer for cold and wintery days? Its quick and easy fast food! I think there are endless possibilities if you play around with… Continue reading

Cabbage Rolls with Spiced Minced Lamb

    This is a traditional stuffed cabbage recipe adapted for an Asian palate. You can use any kind of cabbage as long as the leaves are not too stiff! I used Savoy cabbages… Continue reading

Goma ae- Beans with Sesame dressing.

    Goma ae is a dish where you can enjoy the distinctive flavours of sesame seeds as well as its health benefits.  Sesame seeds are one of the oldest condiments known to… Continue reading