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Leek and potato soup

Leeks – One of my favourite vegetables! Even though they are available all year around in England they are at their best from September to March. They are delicate and bursting with flavour… Continue reading

Pumpkin Leaf- a new revelation

  Food is the great attraction when I am back here in Kerala and my favourites are simple, home cooked seasonal vegetarian dishes. Recently I heard from my sister-in-law that tender pumpkin leaves which… Continue reading

Avocado and tomato salad with Chilli mayonnaise

  It’s been very quiet in manjuskitchen in the past few weeks, apologies for that. I was in India (Kerala). It wasn’t a holiday… I went back to see my father, he is… Continue reading

Tamarind Rasam

Believed to be native to East Africa, tamarind trees now grow throughout India, South East Asia and the West Indies. They are semi-evergreen tropical trees with long drooping branches and small leaves which… Continue reading

Fenugreek and Methi Thepla

Fenugreek is an ancient spice which has three distinct culinary uses. It is used as a spice (seeds), herb (dried or fresh leaves) and vegetable (fresh leaves and sprouts). The seeds are often… Continue reading

Fried Bitter Gourd

      No wonder children usually run away from bitter gourd dishes – in fact it is considered the most bitter of all culinary vegetables. The scientific name of the bitter gourd… Continue reading


Turmeric is one of the vital ingredients for many Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, especially in curries. It is said to have originated from South and South East Asia and it used to… Continue reading

Kerala Muringa kai (Drumstick) thoran

Although often a mysterious vegetable in many parts of the world, the drumstick is a common ingredient grown all over Asia and Africa. When I go back to India, it is a common… Continue reading

coriander chutney

Coriander is considered both as a herb and a spice, since both its leaves and seeds are used in various types of cooking. In fact all parts of the plant are edible, and… Continue reading

Banana blossom kebab

  Banana blossom or Banana flower is another popular vegetable from Asia which I hardly see here in the Uk. Once in a while some asian grocery stores stock it up and I… Continue reading