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Kerala Karikku Pudding (Coconut Pudding)

In Kerala, coconut is used in every possible form; coconut oil is used, fresh grated coconut and coconut milk is added to curries, vegetables and in sweets and desserts.  It is now considered one… Continue reading

Gooseberry Crumble with hazelnuts

English gooseberries look very similar to Indian gooseberries (Amla) and that is perhaps why Amla was given its title as a gooseberry. They appear similar in color and shape, but most definitely not… Continue reading

Wild rice – Summer Salad

  Summer is around the corner and this wild rice salad is a new addition to my summer menu! Rice was not considered a salad ingredient when I grew up in South India.… Continue reading

Wakame- seaweed salad with cucumber

Wakame is seaweed consumed in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. I first got introduced to this thin and stringy seaweed when I lived in Japan, where it was a common ingredient in… Continue reading

Kohlrabi – with chilli and garlic

  Kohlrabi is an uncommon vegetable that I have wanted to introduce for a while. It has got great flavour, which not many people realise! You can do many things with fresh kohlrabi,… Continue reading

Kerala Prawn Curry with Jackfruit seeds (Chemmeenum chakka kkuru curry).

Jackfruits are grown all around South East Asia and South Asia. Most of the people around the world know jackfruit as a delicious fruit, but traditionally it is used as a vegetable when… Continue reading

Cumin Potatoes with curry leaf

When I was a child, I remember having warm Cumin tea with heavy festive meals; especially with Biryanis and meat dishes. It was always on the dining table, and I was always puzzled… Continue reading

Goma ae- Beans with Sesame dressing.

    Goma ae is a dish where you can enjoy the distinctive flavours of sesame seeds as well as its health benefits.  Sesame seeds are one of the oldest condiments known to… Continue reading

Singhara-fresh water chestnut

Singhara (shinghada) is something I found recently on my trip to North India. When I first picked it from a roadside vender in Jaipur, I had no idea what they were! I assumed… Continue reading

Damson- The autumn treat.

I found some damsons in a specialty fruit and vegetable store the other day! Damsons are small plums with a very rich flavour, but they are sour and astringent when raw, and therefore… Continue reading