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Creamy Swede Soup with Coriander and Turmeric

When I started ordering a weekly vegetable box delivery my intent was to have fresh seasonal produce, but these days it’s getting rather exciting. Opening the box and seeing what has arrived for the… Continue reading


The other day my daughter came back from work all excited, telling me that her colleague was talking highly about a green leaf supplement and when she searched for it, it turned out… Continue reading

Wholemeal Crepe with Blackberry sauce

Berries are the joy of English summers! Even though we can find berries almost all year round in supermarkets, the actual season is very short. There is no doubt that they taste fabulous… Continue reading

Wild Garlic – A Seasonal Delicacy

When tender herbs and wild garlic leaves start to sprout from the ground, I take it as a sight of spring.  Wild garlic is a member of the Allium family which grows wild… Continue reading

Roasted parsnip with spices

    Parsnips are tubers that look like white carrots but taste completely different! This is the time of the year in which parsnips gets sweeter as the weather gets colder and more… Continue reading

Miso Dipping Sauce with Radishes

  I still remember my first encounter with miso soup in a university canteen soon after moving to Hiroshima, Japan. Just like any canteen meal it wasn’t spectacular but as I stayed there… Continue reading

Mung Bean Dosa

  It is national vegetarian week in the UK , and here is a South Indian dish to celebrate this week’s event! Mung bean dosa is known as Pesarattu in the southern state… Continue reading

Kerala fish curry with Chemmeen puli

    This is not a fancy restaurant-style fish curry, but is a humble Keralan home-style dish using sardines and Bilimbi, or the so-called Chemmeen puli. Traditionally Kudampuli (Malabar tamarind) is used in… Continue reading

Okra- The miracle vegetable

Recent research has shown that this is a vegetable you don’t want to pass unnoticed. Apparently eating Okra, also known as ladies finger, on a daily basis is good for you if you… Continue reading

Brussels sprout with mustard seeds and curry leaves

I don’t know why most people in England dislike Brussels sprouts! They are a quintessential vegetable for a Christmas feast, and lots of attention is focused on them during the festive season. There… Continue reading