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Beetroot curry with coconut milk

    Beetroots are in season and this stunning beetroot curry is a family favourite!  It  is a simple home cooked dish and takes less then 30 minutes to make, but just make sure… Continue reading

Keralan Chicken Stew (Ishtoo)

    I was at a British food writers gathering a while ago and the topic of colonial influence on Indian cuisine was raised. There were many opinions and some writers who specialise… Continue reading

Mung Bean Dosa

  It is national vegetarian week in the UK , and here is a South Indian dish to celebrate this week’s event! Mung bean dosa is known as Pesarattu in the southern state… Continue reading

Brussels sprout with mustard seeds and curry leaves

I don’t know why most people in England dislike Brussels sprouts! They are a quintessential vegetable for a Christmas feast, and lots of attention is focused on them during the festive season. There… Continue reading

Kerala Prawn Curry with Jackfruit seeds (Chemmeenum chakka kkuru curry).

Jackfruits are grown all around South East Asia and South Asia. Most of the people around the world know jackfruit as a delicious fruit, but traditionally it is used as a vegetable when… Continue reading