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Mung Bean Dosa

  It is national vegetarian week in the UK , and here is a South Indian dish to celebrate this week’s event! Mung bean dosa is known as Pesarattu in the southern state… Continue reading

Muttappathiri – Keralan Sweet Egg Bread

  There are some dishes which take me straight back to my childhood and to my grandmother’s traditional Keralan kitchen. As a child I adored following her in her kitchen, admiring her ability… Continue reading

Sweet Bread with Atta (chapatti flour), cinnamon and brown sugar

I got back to the cold and wintery London last week again after another stay in Kerala. I know I am going back again very soon but it is going to be very… Continue reading

Vazhana ada- Kerala rice bread with jackfruit preserve

There was a family emergency and again I am back to Kerala. Here is another Kerala style rice bread recipe, steamed in an aromatic leaf called Vazhana (Edana) with  Jackfruit preserve filling. Vazhana… Continue reading

wholemeal bread

My bread making adventures started when I was a teenager, after attending a one-week pastry/baking demo with an instructor from the Salem baking institute. I have still got the little book from the… Continue reading

Healthy treat- Whole meal cinnamon roll

      Cinnamon is one of the oldest and revered spices in the world and was so highly prized that it was considered more precious than gold. It has been valued by… Continue reading

Cream bread (Cremu pan)

This is another bread recipe which I picked up while I was living in Japan. Delicate and silky rich bread dough is combined with vanilla custard (pastry) cream in this recipe. The sweet… Continue reading

Fenugreek and Methi Thepla

Fenugreek is an ancient spice which has three distinct culinary uses. It is used as a spice (seeds), herb (dried or fresh leaves) and vegetable (fresh leaves and sprouts). The seeds are often… Continue reading