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Growing up in Kerala, fish was crucial for lunch every single day, and was bought fresh every morning. As a result, I am drawn to fresh fish incessantly and I buy it on… Continue reading

Ozoni – Japanese New Year Soup

I went to Hiroshima as a young bride three decades ago, and soon met Mr Uno in Hiroshima, founder of a group preserving old Japanese traditions, culture  and customs. Funnily enough I met him… Continue reading

Yakki Udon

Can I say that noodles are the Asian form of fast food? I believe so. It is easy to eat, and simple to put together with some vegetables as a nourishing meal. There… Continue reading

South Indian Style Tomato Chutney

Chutneys are made fresh in almost every South Indian home and there are many varieties from coconut chutney to coriander chutney and fresh tomato chutney. This recipe is more like a Western version,… Continue reading

Green Tea Noodle Soup – Cha Soba

Don’t you think that hot soup noodles are the perfect answer for cold and wintery days? Its quick and easy fast food! I think there are endless possibilities if you play around with… Continue reading

Roasted Carrots with Chilli, Cumin and Garlic

  Roasting vegetables to intensify their flavours is not a revelation at all! Here, I roasted colourful baby heritage carrots slowly in a medium oven until they were just tender. I added a… Continue reading

Lettuce Wraps With Asian Prawns

Lettuce wraps are healthy, fun to eat, easy to make and moreover versatile. They are a favourite of mine. You can use any flavoured filling you like – meat, vegetables, noodles or tofu.… Continue reading

Chicken Shumai

There are few dishes that make everyone happy and content each and every time I serve it, and this one is among them. What I love the most is that there is no… Continue reading