Manju (13)

Hello, and welcome to Manju’s Kitchen! I am Manju Rahim, and to put myself simply, I like to spend time in the kitchen, cook simple food and explore the joy of sharing food with other people.

I was born in Kerala, South India – the land of spices and coconuts, where I learned family recipes from my mother and grandmother from a young age. According to my mother I was intrigued by food as a child, and to extend my love for flavors, I studied Home Economics and Nutrition at university and for my masters in Kerala.

I moved to Japan as a young bride and a food enthusiast, and to this day the way I learned food is treated in Japan is one of the major influences in my cooking. While doing research at Hiroshima University I worked in a small Japanese restaurant nearby, which I absolutely enjoyed and where I gained confidence and experience as a cook. I lived in Japan for over 10 years conducting cookery lessons in cultural centers and bringing up my three young children.

I then moved to sunny Singapore for 5 years, enjoying the exotic and vibrant food culture of South East Asia. I came to adore those flavours and still like to recreate them whenever I can.

I am now based in London with my family, where I teach and write about the all the exquisite flavours that I have learned along the way.

I fulfilled my lifelong dream of studying at the culinary school “Le Cordon Blue” soon after moving to London and earned a Grand Diploma in French Cuisine and French Pastry.

I have published a book called ‘Vegetarian – The Taste of South India” which was chosen as the best Vegetarian Cookbook from India in 2012 by the Gourmand Cookbook Awards.

Additionally, I am honoured to be a Member of the Guild of Food Writers.

For me, food has been a lifelong journey of exploration, discovery and experimentation and I believe food doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to be delicious. Simple flavours put together with a lot of love and care can create wonders on our palettes.    

Thank you for visiting my space and wishing you all the best with your culinary journey!