Keralan Plum Cake

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Keralan Plum cake

I remember the olden days when shop-bought Christmas cakes in Kerala looked extremely fancy, with thick white sugar icing, pink piped boarders and flowers, which we children used to look forward to more than the cake inside!

Bakeries in Kerala get incredibly busy preparing these cakes just before Christmas. It is the liveliest period for the bakeries as many people gift Christmas cakes to clients, friends and neighbours as a symbol of gratitude and good will, a tradition continued from Kerala’s colonial past.

 Many popular cakes and breads in Keralan bakeries are very similar to English ones, as most old local bakers were trained by English madams in the colonial era. This plum cake is one among many of them. I have always wondered why Plum cake is called what it is, because there are no plums in it! There must be a reason or an interesting story behind…

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