Tiong Bahru Market- Singapore

When I lived in Singapore in 1999- 2004, I was always fascinated by the huge wet markets (fresh food markets), which were the centerpiece of the local communities in the area. The food and ingredients sold in each and every market represented the local communities lived around – Chinese, Malay, Indian or a harmonious blend of all three!!!

I was in Singapore for a short visit and one early morning I managed to go  to one of my old favourite wet markets – Tiong bharu Market.




The market has moved to a modern two story building with lots of natural sunlight and ventilation with all modern facilities!




A smal shrine inside the market.




Orchid flowers and plants.




Eggs- in various sizes and colours…




South east asian home cooks value  greens and leafy vegetables above all other ingredients and freshness is the key when it comes to choosing them!




Silver pomfrets were gleaming with life! The market is open from early morning and that is the best time to get hold of the freshest seafood.




Shoppers are spoilt with stalls selling mountains of freshly harvested vegetables and tubers which are the centerpiece of every south east Asian kitchen.




Fruit stall! Very hard to resist buying!




One of the seafood speciality stores!




Yong Tau Foo (Stuffed tofu and vegetables with fish paste) is a Singapore and Malaysian speciality and this shop had all the varieties. Okra, red and green chillies, bitter melon, egg plant and tofu!




Fresh Asian leeks bursting with strong fresh flavours….




Grocery store selling dry ingredients.




Fruit stall vendor neatly arranging plump and juicy Jackfruit segments in trays!




Fresh fish is neatly  cleaned and cut into pieces just before packing!

Tofu and fresh and fried fish balls and other delicacies …



Coffee bean shop!



Fresh noodle shop owner eagerly posed for the camera with fresh egg noodles!! They had a wide variety from fresh egg noodles to flat rice noodles.



Centre court yard of the wet market which provides lots of natural ventilation and light!


The top floor of the market is a huge hawker centre with stalls selling simple local food and drinks!

I managed to have a wonderful brunch for 4 Singapore dollars- coconut and lemongrass rice, fried tempeh, with spicy sambal and milky sweet coffee just before heading back to my hotel room!