Mercato orientale – Genoa

Another fabulous food market, this time in Genoa on the North coast of Italy.

The region is famous for Pesto sauce and focaccia bread. The food in Genoa was so delicious, I couldn’t resist tasting most of the dishes i came across!


It is a vibrant indoor food market, built in 1899 on the site of an old convent cloister. There are many stalls offering all kinds of food, household goods, and local specialities.


Fish dominates the local cuisine – not surprising! It is a region where more than two thirds of the population lives on the coast, and the produce looked wonderful.




The focaccia and grissini from this stall was the best that I had ever tasted!


Tomatoes, chillies and shallots being displayed.


Plums in season.

_DSC0567 _DSC0574

A lovely store selling dried herbs and spices. _DSC0585

Shoppers were all searching for the freshest and best produce they could afford to buy.

The pesto sauce I tasted there was the best that I’d ever come across! It is a Genoese speciality and I made sure I bought enough to bring back home.

_DSC0591Cured meat.
Cheese and Salami.


No wonder the Mediterranean diet is considered to be the healthiest – people really care about fresh and seasonal produce.