Gooseberry Crumble with hazelnuts


English gooseberries look very similar to Indian gooseberries (Amla) and that is perhaps why Amla was given its title as a gooseberry. They appear similar in color and shape, but most definitely not in flavour!  (

 This year we had a glorious summer in London, and luckily I was here for once to have the opportunity to enjoy it. Gooseberries are a seasonal summer fruit, mostly available in farmers’ markets. It has a mouth-puckering tartness and is mostly used for making jams and preserves in the traditional kitchens.

 I found this crumble recipe from a friend when I initially moved to London. Her recipe was a simple crumble, but these days I like to add extra sugar to overcome the tartness, and some chopped nuts to add some crunch. 

This is one of the recipes that celebrate the British summer, and all the tastes that come along with it.


Gooseberry Crumble With Hazelnuts

  • Gooseberries (topped and tailed)- 300- g
  • Plain flour-90g
  • Salt-1/4 teaspoon
  • Cold butter-45g
  • Granulated sugar-100 g
  • Chopped nuts-30 g


  • Spread the gooseberries in the bottom of a medium baking dish.
  • For the crumble, put the flour, salt and cold diced butter in a bowl. Rub together with your finger tips until it resembles a rough breadcrumb texture. Mix in the sugar and chopped nuts.
  • Scatter the crumble topping evenly over the gooseberries. Bake in the pre heated oven (180 degree centigrade) for 45- 50 minutes until the top is pale golden and crunchy.
  • Serve warm.