Spice Bazaar – Istanbul

Istanbul was a long due family holiday which I had been planning for a long time, the main attraction being the spice bazaar and the nearby area.

I fell in love with the place, food, and the people. Though I must admit, the heat was at times scorching due to it being the peak of summer.

_DSC0106A busy afternoon in the spice market.

We first visited the Spice Bazaar in the afternoon and it was so crowded!  I decided to go back another day morning and it was definitely a wise decision!


Spices and spice mixes for all tastes. So colourful!


A dried fruit stall…


It was very hard to walk away without taking a photo! Each and every shop looked fabulous!


More traditional dried fruits, stuffed with nuts!


I was very tempted to buy many things, but I just picked some green walnuts in season to bring back home.


Dried vegetables (peppers, chillies, baby okras, aubergines etc.) were hanging beautifully. I brought some back after having a short lesson from a shop keeper how to rehydrate, stuff and cook them. Thats my challenge now!


Spicy turkish sausages, the pastrami, and the cheese was delicious. I had to go back on my last day to buy some to take home.


A display in a small baklava shop near the market.

The arrangements of baklava inside the market looked spectacular, but this simple shop frequented by the locals looked more natural – the baklava was delicious too!


Afternoon in the local bakery!


A corn vendor – a common sight all around the tourist destinations!


Local bread was sold everywhere from early morning. They were perfect as a light snack  while walking ….

Bringing the trip to an end, I just got back to London with a bag full of food souvenirs and hundreds of photos …