Rose Ice Lolly

We have been blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather here in London over the past few weeks. Although it is exceptionally hot for English weather, I am enjoying it and as a South Indian I have no complains when the weather gets warm!


The idea for rose ice-lollies struck me while I was walking through the rose gardens at Regents Park recently with my mum. It is beautiful wherever you look and I absolutely love the rose garden when it is in full bloom.

Ice cold rose milk was my favourite drink during childhood and it reminds me of my summer holidays. My mum made it for almost every day after a long afternoon playing outside and it always felt so soothing and refreshing. I try to follow the tradition and my children love it too.

The beauty of it is that it is very simple to make, you just mix rose syrup with cold milk, and serve it with ice. That’s it! When you freeze it in a shot glass with a stick, it becomes an ice-lolly.


You can buy rose syrup from asian grocery stores but if you can’t get hold of it, just mix whole milk with some good quality rose water, sugar and a dash of pink food colour. It transforms the simple milk into a heavenly drink and then to an ice-lolly if you decide to freeze it.