Sweet Bread with Atta (chapatti flour), cinnamon and brown sugar

I got back to the cold and wintery London last week again after another stay in Kerala. I know I am going back again very soon but it is going to be very different from last time for sure without Dad, he passed away two weeks ago.

I have to thank my friends and family  for the immense support they gave me over the last year…many apologies for cancelling classes, lectures and most of all for not responding efficiently to your messages…

I am spending my days flipping thorough photos trying to sort emotions, thoughts and feelings about my dad. Mostly smiling…..

In between I am finding a bit of comfort by preparing the dishes he loved, today I’m going to introduce a sweet fruit bread he used to love.

I am really glad I made this for him on one of my last visits to Kerala. Since he was diabetic sweet bread was a very occasional treat I used to suggest. When I studied nutrition in the University it was very easy to plan the menu on paper, according to calorie and nutritional needs, there was no individual likes and dislikes you need to take into consideration.

When you do it for your dear ones I realized it is different, you need to think about personal taste!

When I made this recipe for my dad, I modified the recipe to suit his diabetic needs. I reduced the amount of dry fruits to the minimum, used a sweetener instead of brown sugar and  maida was used instead of strong white bread flour.

The recipe is a family favourite of mine, I make big batches then slice and freeze once the bread has cooled. Take it out from the freezer and toast it just before having it. I personally like to have it with a good spread of salted butter or soft cheese like brie or camembert. 




Sweet bread with Atta( chapatti four), cinnamon and brown sugar

  • Dry east- 1  teaspoon  or    Fresh yeast- 20 g
  • Warm water- 120- 140 ml
  • White bread flour- 150 g
  • Chapatti flour (Atta)- 150 g
  • Salt- 1/2  teaspoon
  • Brown sugar- 2 tablespoon
  • Cinnamon powder- 1 teaspoon
  • Egg-1
  • Butter- 20 g
  • Mixed dried fruits( raisins, dates, orange peel etc.)-150 g
  •  Egg wash-(Whisked Egg to brush on top) 


  • Mix yeast with luke warm water and keep aside for ten to fifteen minutes.(This process is to activate the yeast.)
  • Mix the flours with sugar, salt, and cinnamon powder.
  • Keep the  flour mixture  in a large bowl and mix all the ingredients together except the dry fruits. ( The dough will be wet in the begining but it will come together after a few minutes). Knead for 10-15 minutes or  until you get an elastic dough.
  • Add the dry fruits and knead again until well mixed.
  • Keep the dough in a bowl, cover with a wet cloth and keep in a warm place to ferment for 40-45 minutes.The dough will be double in volume when it is ready. (If the room temperature is cold it will take  more time to double the size)
  • Remove the dough from the bowl and devide into three equal size balls. Rest the dough balls for ten minutes and roll into long strips of 30 cm length.
  • Take three strips and braid together very loosely and then join the ends together to get a long braid.
  • Keep the braided bread on a baking tray cover loosely with a cloth and ferment for 30- 40 minutes until it doubles in size.
  • Brush the top lightly with whisked egg and bake in a pre heated oven for 25- 30(190 degree centigrade) minutes or until the bread is cooked .
  • Cool on a wire rack and serve the slices with salted butter or soft cheese.