Lettuce and Orange salad with Stilton dressing




When I meet people who have salads just for the purpose of losing weight I feel a bit sad. I like salads just because of their flavours and textures.

This is one of my favourite salads to make when I have some left over blue cheese in the fridge. Even though I was a big cheese fan, I wasn’t that keen on blue cheeses until I moved to England. But after tasting some wonderful varieties I started enjoying it, and here I am, a big fan of good old Stilton and other lovely blues……

You can use any blue cheese you like in this dressing but make sure they are of a high quality because I realised that when it comes to low grade ones, they leave an unpleasant metallic after-taste in your mouth.

Stilton cheese is crumbled and mixed with white wine vinegar, wholegrain mustard, olive oil and honey to make a dressing.  Stilton is a type of English cheese best known for its characteristic strong smell and taste, so I have to warn you, a little goes a long way.

Mix the lettuce with orange segments and keep it in the fridge until you are ready to serve the salad. Toss it with the dressing just before serving.  You can keep the dressing in fridge for a few days if you have some left over, but make sure you store it in an airtight container…….



Lettuce and orange salad with Stilton dressing

Gem lettuce – 2 heads

Orange – 1

Walnuts – a few

Chives- a few

  • Peel and remove the segments from the orange and mix with lettuce leaves
  • Add a few walnuts and some chives cut into small pieces
  • Mix and keep everything until you are ready to serve with dressing

Stilton dressing

Stilton cheese (crumbled) – 2 tablespoon

White wine vinegar -4 tablespoon

Whole grain mustard – 1 teaspoon

Honey – 1 tablespoon

Olive oil – 2 tablespoon


  • Mix all the ingredients for the dressing and serve it with the salad

Hope you enjoy!