Rialto Market, Venice


This was my first stop in Venice, to admire Venitian specialities in the 700 year old Rialto market. The visit has been my long time dream… I was there last week and spring specialities were piled up in the stalls. Juicy  wild strawberries, artichokes, crisp fennel bulbs, fresh white and green asparagus. Every food lovers dream… 



This was the first time I tasted wild strawberries, they were small but packed with intense flavour – I have to admit, after tasting this now it is hard to savour the commercial ones available … 



While nibbling these wild strawberries I imagined a tartlet filled with delicious vanilla pastrycream! 



Italian arichokes fresh and prepared, ready to cook.



Food tastes best when it is fresh, local and seasonal, and that’s what Rialto Market is all about. Everything looked so beautiful,

 as if they were from another world.



Fresh herbs, parsley, chive, chervil, terragon, rosemary, young dandillion leaves, sage… You name it and they had it super fresh.



Beautiful Venitian radicchios.



Dried beans, sundried tomatoes and more vegetables.



Mountains of delicious sundried tomatoes, one of my souvenirs from this visit….



Baby artichokes, bruscandoli (wild hop buds) and asparagus… Some of the spring specialities of Venice.



No wonder Italian tomato sauce tastes so delicious; the juicy tomatoes were packed with intense flavour, and there were so many varieties in different shapes and sizes. Some of them could easily  pass  as a fruit dessert – they were so sweet…



We were staying in a hotel and obviously didn’t have a kitchen. It was very hard for me to restrain myself from buying them, but instead I ended up with hundreds of  photos…