Christmas Market – Belgium

I love visiting markets. During Christmas I was in Belgium (Bruges and Gent) and realised Belgians know how to celebrate Christmas in style and glory with Christmas makets all around ………Belgium is famous for its beautiful countrysides, beer, chocolates and delicious Belgian waffles.

I was there just before Christmas and all the people were busy buying traditional gifts,  and speciality food and pastries for celebration………. As the night grew, more and more people poured in and stalls were busy selling beer, mulled wine, hot chocolate, sausages and waffles. The mood was something very special. Hope you will enjoy the photos!

The Saint Bavo Cathedral in Gent.

Some of the famous Christmas markets in Europe have been running since the middle ages.

A mulled wine shop.


Christmas decorations

Local Honey and Chestnut products. They were delicious!o

A speciality mustard shop with many different flavoured mustards. I ended up picking up quite a few!